29 Settembre 2021
An interface protection system based on an embedded metrology system platform

G. Artale, G. Caravello, A. Cataliotti, V. Cosentino, D. Di Cara, S. Guaiana, N. Panzavecchia, G. Tinè

The aim of this work is to present an interface protection system (IPS) for Distributed Generators (DG) and
Energy Storage Systems (ESS). The new prototype of IPS guarantees standard protection requirements, in terms of both voltage and frequency measurement accuracies and trip times. Moreover, it has the additional functionalities of implementing a communication link between the Distribution System Operator (DSO) and the DG and ESS Inverter. The new IPS is based on a smart meter platform with an integrated power line communication modem. Moreover, it has also an integrated metrology section. Experimental tests will show how this last feature allows a significant reduction of the measurement data access time allowing an improvement of trip time accuracy.

18 Settembre 2021
Experimental Characterization of Series Arc Faults in DC PV Systems

Artale G.; Caravello G.; Cataliotti A.; Cosentino V.; Di Cara D.; Ditta V.; Guaiana S.; Panzavecchia N.; Tinè G

V Forum Nazionale Delle Misure, XXXVIII Congresso Nazionale di Misure Elettriche ed Elettroniche, Giardini Naxos (ME), 16-18 settembre 2021, pp. 341-342

28 Giugno 2021
Implementation of a PLC Field Analyzer on a G3 Modem Platform

G. Artale, G. Caravello, A. Cataliotti, V. Cosentino, D. Di Cara, R. Fiorelli, S. Guaiana, N. Panzavecchia, G. Tinè

Nowadays, power line communications (PLC) are a widely used technology in distribution grids, both for automatic meter reading and automation applications. PLC performances (in terms of capacity, coverage, robustness, and data transmission rate) can be significantly affected by electrical network topologies, connected loads and disturbances. Thus, utilities and modem manufacturers are increasing their interest in electrical network characterization. In this framework, a software tool is proposed in this paper to measure received signal and noise levels. As case study, it is implemented on a G3 PLC transceiver, widely used for smart metering purposes. In this way, a PLC channel characterization can be performed without connecting external instruments, by using already installed smart meters with the updated firmware. The software tool allows having a better understanding of signal attenuation influence on communication channel performances. Moreover, possible solutions could be suggested avoiding some frequency bands or regulating some transmission/reception parameters.

22 Giugno 2021
Characterization of DC series arc faults in PV systems based on current low frequency spectral analysis

G. Artale, G. Caravello, A. Cataliotti, V. Cosentino, D. Di Cara, S. Guaiana, N. Panzavecchia, G. Tinè

This work presents an experimental study focused on the characterization of series arc faults in direct current (DC) photovoltaic (PV) systems. The aim of the study is to identify some relevant characteristics of arcing current, which can be obtained by means of low frequency spectral analysis of current signal. On field tests have been carried out on a real PV system, in accordance with some tests requirements of UL 1699B Standard for protection devices against PV DC arc faults. Arcing and non-arcing current signals are acquired and compared and the behavior of a set of indicators proposed by authors is analyzed. Different measurement equipment have been used, in order to study the impact of both measurement transducers and data acquisition systems on proposed indicators effectiveness. Presented results show that the considered indicators are suitable for detecting the arc presence even with commercial devices normally used for smart metering applications.